Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Hygain RBO - Why add oils?

With the high calorie demands of elite performance horses, oils play an important role in maximising energy efficiency due to their energy dense nature. Oils contain approximately 2.5 time more energy than most raw cereal grains and are also digested more efficiently in the horse's small intestine. This in turn reduces the 'sugar high' sometimes associated with high grain intake and subsequent behavioural problems.

The high concentration of cool energy provided by oils also makes products such as HYGAIN® RBO-elite ideal for horses undertaking sustained aerobic activity such as endurance. This is largely due to the fact that the body is particularly efficient in metabolising fat aerobically at this level of exercise intensity, and as such, produces less lactic acid.

By virtue of the presence of essential fatty acids, oils can also improve the shine and overall quality of a horse's coat. For this reason the addition of an oil such as HYGAIN® RBO-elite is desirable for sales and show preparation.

Older horses can also benefit from oil as a cool, efficient energy source, as a deterioration in their digestive efficiency limits the ability to fully process more complex energy sources such as grain. More information

All the goodness of omega essential fatty acids.

Horses require small amounts of linolenic, linoleic and oleic acids. These are special types of fatty acids, more commonly known as omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids.

Omega essential fatty acids have been shown to improve the health and structural integrity of cell membranes, improve hair and coat condition as well as many other side benefits.

Powerful antioxidants

Rice bran oil is an abundant source of primary antioxidants including alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherol isomers, as well as the most active of antioxidants, the tocotrienols.

Antioxidants are a vital component of HYGAIN® RBO-elite as they serve to deactivate certain molecules known as free radicals. If left unchecked, free radicals (by products of the oxidative metabolic process) can cause damage to the cell walls, internal cell structures and even genetic material.

Antioxidants therefore play an important role by 'mopping up' free radicals before they get a chance to do harm to the cell structure.


RBO-elite can be added directly to your horses feed or administered orally over the tounge. RBO-elite should be fed at a rate of 60ml to 250ml per day or up to 20% of the horses calorie intake.

Hygain RBO Elite

1) Performance horses

2) Endurance horses

3) Horses susceptible to problems associated

with high carbohydrate diets

4) Show or sales preparation

5) Horses in poor condition

6) Finicky eaters

7) Aged horses

HYGAIN® RBO-elite is a unique blend of pure rice bran oil, omega essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants formulated for all classes of horse.

So, whether you require the power for your horse to perform at the highest level or simply a stunning coat for your favourite pony, HYGAIN® RBO-elite with the amazing benefits of pure rice bran oil, delivers like no other oil.

Rice Bran Oil - your natural advantageAs the name suggests rice bran oil is derived from rice grain, or more specifically, from the bran layers of the kernel. The bran is left over from the process used to produce white rice for human consumption. The oil is then extracted from the bran by a process which protects the integrity of the nutrients. In the case of HYGAIN® RBO-elite the oil is then further refined by a method which also deodorises and enhances the palatability of the product.
The advantages of feeding oil to horses:-
Dietary fats are known as triglycerides as there are 3 fatty acid molecules attached to one glyceride molecule. These fatty acids can be either saturated or unsaturated. There can be considerable variation in the size or length of the fatty acids. Fats with unsaturated and/or short fatty acids tend to be in a liquid sate at room temperature and are referred to as oils. Conversely, longer chains of fatty acids that are saturated are usually solid at room temperature and are referred to as fats. Therefore, in order to maximise absorption and feed efficiency it is highly desirable to feed unsaturated fats (oils) to horses.

Hygain Regain

The Facts about Electrolytes

Electrolytes are electrically charged salts or "ions" such as sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium which are dissolved and carried in the blood and cell fluids.

As salts dissolved in the blood and tissues of the body, electrolytes assist in preserving the correct balance of fluids both inside and outside the cells. Electrolytes also function in the generation of nerve impulses, contraction and relaxation of muscles, the beating of the heart and processing of wastes, in fact electrolytes are involved in virtually every function of the body.

The efficiency with which the horse can use individual electrolytes in their diet can be influenced by many factors. Although the horses body efficiently conserves needed electrolytes a certain amount is lost each day through the urine, manure, sweat and secretions into the digestive tract. In addition to these normal losses electrolytes may be lost in increasing amounts due to increased exercise, climatic conditions, sweat and disease e.g. diarrhoea. An electrolyte imbalance may cause such complications as dehydration, muscle fatigue, reduced stamina, overheating, anhidrosis and tying up. It is therefore essential that electrolyte supplementation occurs as part of your nutritional management practices. HYGAIN® REGAIN® is it in your horse?


When a performance horse sweats it looses significant amounts of the electrolytes, sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Excessive electrolyte loss can cause muscle fatigue, muscle damage, dehydration and alkalosis. Electrolyte depletion is a major cause of tying up in performance horses.

Hygain Regain


Electrolyte supplementation is essential for your horses re-hydration, fluid balance, healthy muscle and circulatory function and nerve activity. Correct electrolyte supplementation ensures your horses peak performance. HYGAIN® REGAIN® is a concentrated electrolyte replacer, scientifically formulated to maintain the correct balance of electrolytes before, during and after exercise. Formulated to mimic horse sweat Hygain Regain rapidly re-hydrates, replenishes and refuels your horse. HYGAIN® REGAIN® is it in your horse?

Hygain - Ice

... because PREVENTION is better than CURE!


  • Laminitis

  • Acidosis

  • Stomach

  • ulceration

  • Colic

What is every horse owners dream? A feed that maximises condition while maintaining control is complete, convenient and cost effective. HYGAIN® ICE® is a scientifically formulated high fibre, low starch fortified pellet, for cool conditioning of your horse or pony.

HYGAIN® ICE® is formulated to meet the strict guidelines set by THE LAMINITIS TRUST and is further enhanced by the addition of 'superfibres'.

HYGAIN® ICE® has been formulated to meet the nutritional requirements for horses in light to moderate work or being spelled and is ideal for weekend pleasure horses to elite equestrian horses.

HYGAIN® ICE® contains no cereal grain so there is none of the "heating effects" which are associated with grain based diets. HYGAIN® ICE® is formulated from a blend of quality ingredients producing a palatable, high fat, low starch diet which offers highly digestible energy and conditioning with small quantities of feed. This balanced formula contains essential fatty acids that aid development of healthy skin and glossy coat.

HYGAIN® ICE® incorporates sodium bentonite to improve the rate of digestion, increasing the efficiency of the conversion of feed to energy. It also buffers acid production in the large intestine that can lead to digestive disturbances including colic and potentially behavioural changes.

The use of a complete feed like HYGAIN® ICE® should not require the additional expense of extra mineral and vitamin supplementation. HYGAIN® ICE® is fortified with high levels of essential minerals and vitamins to meet the nutrient requirements of your horse. All you have to do is just add chaff and or hay, it's that easy.

  • Contains no grain thus no heating.

  • Contains high levels of magnesium from dolomite.

  • Contains sodium bentonite to improve the rate of digestion.

  • Contains fatty acids essential for a healthy skin and glossy coat.

  • Requires no additional supplements.

  • Convenient and cost effective.

  • Highly palatable.

HYGAIN® ICE'S® winning formula is a blend of the following quality ingredients:

  • High Fibre Soya Hulls

  • Micrlupins®

  • Micrmaize®

  • Pollard

  • Canola Meal

  • Lucerne Meal

  • Sodium Bentonite

  • Calcium Carbonate

  • Di-Calcium Phosphate

  • Salt

  • Magnesium Oxide

  • Hygain Vitamin and Mineral Premix

Digestible Energy - 10.50 MJ/kg
Min Crude Protein - 15%
Min Crude Fat - 4%
Max Crude Fibre - 18%
Max added Salt - 1.25%
Min Calcium - 1%
Min Phosphorous - 0.55%
Min Magnesium - 0.6%


Body weight - 250 - 300kg
Height - 13 - 14h

Spelling/no work: 1 - 2kg
Light work: 1.5 - 2.5kg
Moderate work: 2 - 3kg

Body weight - 350 - 450kg
Height - 14 - 15h

Spelling/no work: 1.5 - 2.5kg

Light work: 2 - 3.5kg

Moderate work: 2 - 4.5kg

Body weight: 450 - 550kg
Height: 15 - 16h

Spelling/no work: 2 - 3 kg
Light work: 2.5 - 4kg
Moderate work: 3 - 5kg

Body weight: 550 - 650kg
Height: 16h+

Spelling/no work: 2.5 - 3.5kg
Light work: 3 - 5kg
Moderate work: 3.5 - 6kg


HYGAIN Feeds has developed in association with breeders a HYGAIN® MARE AND FOAL PELLET concentrate for spelling horses through to lactating mares. HYGAIN's Mare and Foal Pellet is designed to have a low "glycemic index" to assist in reducing the risk of Developmental Orthopaedic Disease associated with high carbohydrate diets.

HYGAIN® MARE AND FOAL PELLET also contains Yea Sacc1026, a live yeast culture that provides beneficial bacteria in the hindgut and improves fibre digestion and mineral uptake. The essential micro-minerals in HYGAIN Mare and Foal Pellet are in a chelated form for increased bio-availability. Research has shown that chelated minerals are more readily absorbed by the horse.

HYGAIN operates the only GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP certified and Feedsafe accredited Equine Only feed mill in the southern hemisphere.

HYGAIN® MARE AND FOAL PELLET'S winning formula is a blend of the following quality ingredients:
  • High Fibre Soya Hulls

  • Micrlupins®

  • Micrmaize®

  • Pollard

  • Canola Meal

  • Lucerne Meal

  • Sodium Bentonite

  • Calcium Carbonate

  • Di-Calcium Phosphate

  • Salt

  • Magnesium Oxide Hygain Vitamin and Mineral Premix

HYGAIN Mare and Foal Pellet is available in 25kg bags or in bulk loads blown into your silo.


Digestible Energy - 12.0 MJ/kg
Min Crude Protein - 16.5 %
Min Crude Fat - 4.3 %
Min Crude Fibre - 8.5 %
Max added Salt - 1.25%
Min Calcium - 1.15%
Min Phosphorous - 0.75%
Min Magnesium - 0.38%


The following feeding rates are for based upon adequate pasture availability. If pasture quality and quantity are not satisfactory, supplementation of additional roughage or grains may be required.

Maintenance: 1 - 1.5kg
Pregnant 1st Trimester: 1 - 1.5kg
Pregnant 2nd trimester: 1.5 - 2kg
Pregnant 3rd trimester: 2 - 2.5kg

Lactation: 2.5 - 3kg
Weanling 6 Months: 1 - 1.5kg
Yearling 12 Months: 1.5 - 2kg

Monday, August 13, 2007

Why Use Golden Grass??

Horses have evolved as grass and forage eaters with a natural grazing habit and a digestive system that is best suited to derive the maximum benefits out of forages.

Though natural grazing in a paddock may be the most suitable way of feeding a horse, it has got many limitations such as seasonal changes, over grazing, lack of a scientific rationing, worm infestations, sand eating, paddock injuries, poisoning, digestive disorders etc. Secondly paddock grazing is not freely available in all places around the world due to climatic and economic reasons.

GOLDEN GRASS provides a total solution with many advantages meeting the forage demands of every type, age and activity level of horses.

PRODUCTION: GOLDEN GRASS is produced in our own fertile lands under a strict technical supervision right from the seed selection, drilling to harvesting and packaging. A strict selection and quality control at the field eliminates spoiled grasses, field contaminants, weeds etc. and thus quality is assured on every bale produced.

MODERN PACKAGING: GOLDEN GRASS employs the most modern packaging technology to ensure retention of nutritive values & freshness on every bag produced. The vacuum sealed, double layered bag provides anaerobic environment to the mix to augment fermentation and also prevents the formation of moulds & fungus. A unique gas valve fixed on every bag helps to release any excessive gas as a result of fermentation.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: GOLDEN GRASS forage is a nutritionally balanced supplementary forage made out of best quality grasses and legumes harvested at the right stage to get the optimal nutritional value out of every type of grass and legumes harvested.

NATURAL FERMENTATION: GOLDEN GRASS forage is fermented under natural conditions without adding any molasses. The mixing of Rye Grass, apart from its nutritional values, also helps in the fermentation due to break down of its natural sugar content. This way you are assured of a 100% natural product with no chemical addictives added.

HEALTHY APPROACH: GOLDEN GRASS due to its natural blend of grasses and herbs helps horses to maintain good health and condition, especially of the respiratory system. The natural flavour and smell makes it highly palatable even for fuzzy eaters.

LONG SHELF LIFE: GOLDEN GRASS bags if stored up under a shady place with good ventilation could retain the freshness and nutritional value for almost 10 months from the date of production. On opening a bag, the entire grass should be taken and spread out to be used within 48 – 72 hours.

ECONOMICAL : GOLDEN GRASS on a long term usage usually leads to a reduction in the grain feed intake. This helps to save on the cost of overall ration and at the same time helps to put your horses on a natural diet and maintain good health of the horses all the time.

Golden Grass Company's Profile

Our Company…………………………………..

Golden Grass Farming, a company established in 2002 is one of the largest forage producers in Europe and the only forage producers with an ISO 9001 certification. We have thousands of hectares of fertile land that runs along the Nemunas Delta in Nordic region and the conducive climatic condition help us to produce the finest fodders for the horses. This region has been under intensive grass production since 1950.

We employ more than 70 qualified people engaged from the preparation of land, seed selection, drilling, rotation of cultivation, harvesting, production to storage and packaging of forages using the most modern agricultural techniques and equipment in the respective fields.

Our Products…………………………………….

We cultivate both grasses and legumes in our land to produce a forage mix best suited for all ,ages, types & activities of horses. Our range includes the most common Timothy, Alfalfa, Rye Grass, Clover and many of the natural meadow grasses with seeds selected out of high hybrid varieties. We are currently producing 3 major types of mix to meet different activity levels of horses. We could also offer a customized mix to meet any specific demands of the market.

The harvested grasses are stored under anaerobic conditions with their natural moisture content. They are then made into large bales wrapped around with heavy plastic material to encourage natural fermentation. This is to retain the natural nutritive values of the grasses unlike sun curing when there may be a loss of nutrients. No chemical additives are added at any stage of our production.

Our Mission…………………………………

Our products - GOLDEN GRASS forages have been well accepted throughout the Europe for its superior quality and modern packaging. The encouraging demand has made us to expand our marketing operations beyond Europe to Middle East and Asia.

Having successfully established ourselves with our products & services, our mission continues with the same approach into newer markets incorporating the latest technology in the field of agriculture, nutrition and packaging to provide a superior product in the field of forages at all times.