Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Why Use Golden Grass??

Horses have evolved as grass and forage eaters with a natural grazing habit and a digestive system that is best suited to derive the maximum benefits out of forages.

Though natural grazing in a paddock may be the most suitable way of feeding a horse, it has got many limitations such as seasonal changes, over grazing, lack of a scientific rationing, worm infestations, sand eating, paddock injuries, poisoning, digestive disorders etc. Secondly paddock grazing is not freely available in all places around the world due to climatic and economic reasons.

GOLDEN GRASS provides a total solution with many advantages meeting the forage demands of every type, age and activity level of horses.

PRODUCTION: GOLDEN GRASS is produced in our own fertile lands under a strict technical supervision right from the seed selection, drilling to harvesting and packaging. A strict selection and quality control at the field eliminates spoiled grasses, field contaminants, weeds etc. and thus quality is assured on every bale produced.

MODERN PACKAGING: GOLDEN GRASS employs the most modern packaging technology to ensure retention of nutritive values & freshness on every bag produced. The vacuum sealed, double layered bag provides anaerobic environment to the mix to augment fermentation and also prevents the formation of moulds & fungus. A unique gas valve fixed on every bag helps to release any excessive gas as a result of fermentation.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: GOLDEN GRASS forage is a nutritionally balanced supplementary forage made out of best quality grasses and legumes harvested at the right stage to get the optimal nutritional value out of every type of grass and legumes harvested.

NATURAL FERMENTATION: GOLDEN GRASS forage is fermented under natural conditions without adding any molasses. The mixing of Rye Grass, apart from its nutritional values, also helps in the fermentation due to break down of its natural sugar content. This way you are assured of a 100% natural product with no chemical addictives added.

HEALTHY APPROACH: GOLDEN GRASS due to its natural blend of grasses and herbs helps horses to maintain good health and condition, especially of the respiratory system. The natural flavour and smell makes it highly palatable even for fuzzy eaters.

LONG SHELF LIFE: GOLDEN GRASS bags if stored up under a shady place with good ventilation could retain the freshness and nutritional value for almost 10 months from the date of production. On opening a bag, the entire grass should be taken and spread out to be used within 48 – 72 hours.

ECONOMICAL : GOLDEN GRASS on a long term usage usually leads to a reduction in the grain feed intake. This helps to save on the cost of overall ration and at the same time helps to put your horses on a natural diet and maintain good health of the horses all the time.

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