Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Hygain - Ice

... because PREVENTION is better than CURE!


  • Laminitis

  • Acidosis

  • Stomach

  • ulceration

  • Colic

What is every horse owners dream? A feed that maximises condition while maintaining control is complete, convenient and cost effective. HYGAIN® ICE® is a scientifically formulated high fibre, low starch fortified pellet, for cool conditioning of your horse or pony.

HYGAIN® ICE® is formulated to meet the strict guidelines set by THE LAMINITIS TRUST and is further enhanced by the addition of 'superfibres'.

HYGAIN® ICE® has been formulated to meet the nutritional requirements for horses in light to moderate work or being spelled and is ideal for weekend pleasure horses to elite equestrian horses.

HYGAIN® ICE® contains no cereal grain so there is none of the "heating effects" which are associated with grain based diets. HYGAIN® ICE® is formulated from a blend of quality ingredients producing a palatable, high fat, low starch diet which offers highly digestible energy and conditioning with small quantities of feed. This balanced formula contains essential fatty acids that aid development of healthy skin and glossy coat.

HYGAIN® ICE® incorporates sodium bentonite to improve the rate of digestion, increasing the efficiency of the conversion of feed to energy. It also buffers acid production in the large intestine that can lead to digestive disturbances including colic and potentially behavioural changes.

The use of a complete feed like HYGAIN® ICE® should not require the additional expense of extra mineral and vitamin supplementation. HYGAIN® ICE® is fortified with high levels of essential minerals and vitamins to meet the nutrient requirements of your horse. All you have to do is just add chaff and or hay, it's that easy.

  • Contains no grain thus no heating.

  • Contains high levels of magnesium from dolomite.

  • Contains sodium bentonite to improve the rate of digestion.

  • Contains fatty acids essential for a healthy skin and glossy coat.

  • Requires no additional supplements.

  • Convenient and cost effective.

  • Highly palatable.

HYGAIN® ICE'S® winning formula is a blend of the following quality ingredients:

  • High Fibre Soya Hulls

  • Micrlupins®

  • Micrmaize®

  • Pollard

  • Canola Meal

  • Lucerne Meal

  • Sodium Bentonite

  • Calcium Carbonate

  • Di-Calcium Phosphate

  • Salt

  • Magnesium Oxide

  • Hygain Vitamin and Mineral Premix

Digestible Energy - 10.50 MJ/kg
Min Crude Protein - 15%
Min Crude Fat - 4%
Max Crude Fibre - 18%
Max added Salt - 1.25%
Min Calcium - 1%
Min Phosphorous - 0.55%
Min Magnesium - 0.6%


Body weight - 250 - 300kg
Height - 13 - 14h

Spelling/no work: 1 - 2kg
Light work: 1.5 - 2.5kg
Moderate work: 2 - 3kg

Body weight - 350 - 450kg
Height - 14 - 15h

Spelling/no work: 1.5 - 2.5kg

Light work: 2 - 3.5kg

Moderate work: 2 - 4.5kg

Body weight: 450 - 550kg
Height: 15 - 16h

Spelling/no work: 2 - 3 kg
Light work: 2.5 - 4kg
Moderate work: 3 - 5kg

Body weight: 550 - 650kg
Height: 16h+

Spelling/no work: 2.5 - 3.5kg
Light work: 3 - 5kg
Moderate work: 3.5 - 6kg

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