Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Time-released hindgut buffer

EquiShure is a dietary supplement designed for horses suspected of suffering from or at risk of subclinical hindgut acidosis. At risk-horses often show one or more signs that can compromise athletic performance.

Subclinical acidosis is thought to result from over consumption of either high-starch concentrates or pasture rich in fructan; fructan is the sugar abundant in rapidly growing grass. This over consumption leads to changes in the pH of the hidgut due to alterations in the mocrobial populations and acid profiles.

In a recent NSW survey, it was found that 25% of racehorses were suffering from subclinical hindgut acidosis (Richards et al)

Subclinical acidosis is often associated with disorders such as:

. Subclinical Laminitis

. Loose droppings and behavioural issues appentence in severe cases

. Mild to moderate colic signs

. Poor feed conversion efficiency and subsequent weight loss

. Poor growth in young horses

. Stereotypical behaviour such as wood chewing, weaving and box walking


. For horses on high grain diets

. For horses grazing lush pasture

. For horses with behavioural problems with an unexplainable cause

. For horses with unexplained weight loss or other digestive upsets such as Colic and loose droppings

. For horses prone to Laminitis


1.25KG (Trial Tub)



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