Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


High-Fat Stabilised Rice Bran with Calcium, Vitamin E and Selenium

Alternative sources of energy, such as rice bran, are now more popular than ever. Equi-Jewel, a high-fat stabilised rice bran supplement, increases the energy density of a ration, thereby decreasing the amount of grain necessary to fulfill energy requirements of horses during growth, lactation or athletic performance. Addition of Equi-Jewel to a ration can reduce the risk of founder, colic, diarrhoea and exertional myopathies often associated with excessive grain and minimal forage intake.

Equi-Jewel contains a balanced calcium to phosphorus ration. In its natural state, rice bran is richer in phosphorus than in calcium.

Excessive phosphorus in the diet inhibits calcium absorption, which may compromise skeletal integrity or induce developmental orthopaedic disease. Inclusion of calsium carbonate ensures a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio in the diet of a horse, and can be used as a calcium supplement.

To achieve superior coat condition, Equi-Jewel can be suppplemented to horses of all ages. Equi-Jewel is a highly digestible and higly palatable source of unsaturated fat for horses. Fats are composed of glycerol and essential fatty acids, elements linked to elastic skin and glossy hair coats.


. Provides fatty acids essential for healthy skin and hair

. Improves and maintains condition on poor doers and picky eaters

. Enhances palatability and convenience compared to oil

. Delivers low starch and low glycemic index for horses prone to tying up and

behavioural problems

. Stabilised to protect nutritional value and retain freshness

. Adds calories to a ration without excessive grain intake

. Supplies a highly palatable and digestible form of fat

. Contains balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus


Crude Protein (min) 13%

Crude Fat (min) 17.5%

Crude Fiber (max) 13%

Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio 1 : 5 : 1

Vitamin E 650IU/kg

Selenium 1mg/kg

DE 15MJ/kg

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