Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


High energy balanced concentrate, formulated for the equine athlete to provide the nutrients essential for optimum performance.

POWATORQUES'S Equine Science Formula provides a concentrated source of energy and muscle building protein, along with high levels of quality vitamins and minerals. This power pack formula is the corner stone of a balanced diet when fed with oats, barley or maize and quality roughage such as hay or chaff.


Min Crude Protein 17%
Min Crude Fat 12%
Max Crude Fibre 10%
Max Calcium 1.8%
Min Phosphorous 0.8%
Vitamin E 745IU/kg

POWATORQUE is a scientifically formulated blend of the following quality ingredients: MICRLUPINS , MICRBEANS, MICRMAIZE, Sunflower Seeds, Blended Vegetable Oils (including Omega essential fatty acids), Molasses, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Carbonated, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Yea Sacc Live Yeast Culture, HYGAIN Selenium Yeast and HYGAIN Vitamin and Mineral Premix.

Micronizing is a state of the art process by which the grain's moisture and infrared heat is used to reconfigure the grain's structural matrix. This leads to increased feed efficiency, with greater than 90% of the grain's starch being digested in the small intestine. Increased digestion in the small intestine reduces the burden on the large intestine, which in turn leads to fewer incidences of acidois, colic, laminitis, fatigue and nervousness.
Selenium acts as an anti oxidant to prevent fatty acid oxidisation which can cause tissue damage. HYGAIN Bio Selenium Yeast is an organic form of selenium which has been shown to be more readily digested and retained than selenium in inorganic forms.
The addition of organic chromium to performance horse diets has been shown to reduce the build up of lactic acid at the end of strenuous exercise or the closing stages of a race, and to increase the horse's ability to store glucose.

Calcium 36g, Vitamin A 54000IU
Phosphorous 1g, Vitamin D3 5040IU
Magnesium 12g, Vitamin E 1490IU
Sodium 13g, Vitamin B1 44mg
Potassium 25g, Vitamin B2 55mg
Chloride 26g, Niacin 202mg
Iron 560mg, D-Cal Pant 84mg
Zinc 500mg, Vitamin B6 24mg
Manganese 400mg, Vitamin B12 168ug
Copper 190mg, Folic Acid 16mg
Iodine 2.4mg, Biotin 75ug
Cobalt 1.2mg, Choline 2200mg
Selenium 3mg, Vitamin K3 10mg

POWATORQUE has been formulated for performance horses being fed high grain rations and should be fed in conjuction with cereal grains such as oat, barley and maize. This way you can control the grain intake of your horse's diet.
POWATORQUE meets the nutritional requirements of performance horses such as gallopers, trotters, polo ponies, endurance horses and eventers.
Mature horses in full work on average will require 2kg of POWATORQUE, together with 4 - 7kg of grain per day. Grain intake should be matched to your horse's workload and size.
During periods of heavy sweat loss, additional supplementation with an electrolyte such as HYGAIN REGAIN may be required.

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