Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Equicip Oral Paste

Equicip is quite different from all other horses dewormers. It is the only
dewormer effective againts all major parasites, including tapeworms and bots, in a single dose.

The combination of Ivermectin + Praziquantel in Equicip is capable of treating
infestations due to multiple-species. Equicip has the best combined efficacy
and the broadest spectrum of horse activity among horse dewormers. Equicip
is indicated for use in all horses that have mixed infastations if roundworms, tapeworms and bots, and is the only product approved to treat all three species of equine tapeworm.

Equicip is a fluid, oral gel formulated for rapid admistration and a reduce risk of wastage. Equicip is presented in a special designed Syringe that is more accurate and easier to use.

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