Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


PRESERVE is a scientifically formulated suppplementary source of Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitaminc C and Magnesium that is an aid in reducing muscle damage in working horses. PRESERVE also helps maintain optimum fuction of the horse's immune system.

Muscle damage is a constant risk in working horses and this can lead to reduced performance or inability to work. PRESERVE contains the anti-oxidants to help to preserve normal muscle function and minimize the severity of any muscle damege, including tying up. PRESERVE will help horses recover after work, reducing down - time between performance and training.

PRESERVE provides advantages over supplements which contain only Vitamin E and supplies organic selenium which is more available to the horse.


. As a Vitamin E or Selenium supplement

. A source of vital anti-oxidants to aid recovery

. Prevention of tying up and muscle soreness after work

. Maintenance of optimum immunity

PRESERVE contains vitamins and minerals that help keep the immune system operating effectively. The stress of work can often lead to the immune system becoming run down, with the resuit that the horse becomes more susceptible to diseases such as colds and coughs. Supplementary Vitamin E and selenium provided to a pregnant mare can boost antibody transter to the foal in colostrum.



Vitamin E 1,000IU

Organbic Selenium 2mg

Vitamin C 1,500mg

Magnesium 3,000mg

AVAILABLE PACK SIZES: 1kg, 4kg & 16kg


DAILY DOSE: Give 30g (1 scoop) per day and mix well with feed. Give 30g twice a day during recovery from a tying up episode, or muscle damage after strenuous work or racing.

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