Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Your Equine Needs Under ONE Roof!

Monday, September 24, 2007


BIO - BLOOM is a formula containing high doses of biotin, menthionine, zinc, lecithin and full fat soy meal. These nutrients act synergistically to improve hoof growth and strength, and produce a shiny hair coat.

The old saying 'NO HOOF - NO HORSE' is still very true. Weak hooves, split hooves, cracked hooves and collapsed heels are all factors that can cause lameness, loss of performance or require the horse to be spelleed.

BIO - BLOOM will keep a horse in work that may otherwise have to be spelled.

BIO - BLOOM'S unique ingredients include zinc in a chelated form for improved absorption, lecithin and full fat soy meal containing essential fatty acids to help produce a shiny coat and Yea - Sacc live yeast culture for enhanced digestion. It is the hoof supplement horses love to eat!


. Treatment of hoof damage that may prevent a horse from working

. Coat coditioning where a shiny coat is required

. Preventing hoof damage in horses with weak hooves

. Aid in recovery from laminitis

. Increasing mane, tail and coat growth



Biotin 15mg

Chelated Zinc 200mg

Methionine 3,000mg

Lecithin 5,000mg

Full Fat Soyabean Meal 14g

Yea-Sacc Yeast Culture 4g

Iodine 2mg

AVAILABLE PACK SIZES: 1kg, 3kg & 15kg


Mix daily dose well with damp feed.

30g = 1 heaped scoop

Increased hoof growth and strength 30g

Treatment of acute hoof damage

coat conditioning 60g

Recovery from laminitis 90 - 120g

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